Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Little Mexico in LA  ロスアンジェルスのリトルメキシコ

When I got off the Amtrak train at the Union Station in LA I heard some festive music near by. I looked around, and found that there was a Mexican festival outside. There were men and women all dressed up dancing. There were food, shops, sweet drinks, live music and kid running around.
I walked around the small vendor shops, and ran into this cute sweet shop. They were selling so many sweets and snacks from Mexico. They were so colorful, and it was so much fun to just look at the packaging!


Then, look what I found! They were some kind of sweet bread, but they looked exactly like the "Melon Bread" in Japan...


Many years ago in New York I had a good friend who was from Mexico City. One day he brought me some sweets from Mexico, and they were the ones with a rose picture (photo above). I cannot remember the taste, but I remember how sweet they were. They were so sweet that I could not eat them! As I was recalling the sweetness all I could smell was the fresh tortillas... because
this sweet vendor was right next to the tacos vendor. The smell was overwhelmingly intense!


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