Sunday, June 5, 2011

The must list in New York NYマストリスト

I know, I know... you are saying, "My goodness, you went there again?" That is right, I did. I went to Jackson Diner in Queens again just to have this dosa. Of course I can get dosa anywhere else in the city, but I enjoy going there. I know all the waiters there and a chef who makes dosa for you. We chat, laugh, gossip... it is just a nice experience that I have been enjoying over 10 years.


The last few times I went to Balthazar those delicious canelles were always sold out, and today I finally got them! However, I bought them right after my lunch there, so I am saving them for later. They smell so good :) The canelles and dosa. They are only a few items of my must list!


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