Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Dalai Lama and dogs ダライラマと犬たち

I love dogs, and I love the fact that the Dalai Lama, my most respected one, loves dogs, too. One can tell from this photo above that he is very natural with dogs - the way he holds the dog is so gentle and comfortable. The dog seems to be very fond of him, too. I believe that this is not his dog. However, those Tibetan Apsos (photo below) were his dogs. How cute they were!


I heard that His Holiness was very sad after those dogs passed away. So ever since after his pets' death, he never named other dogs that he had adopted.... to avoid attachment.


This is a portrait of his late dog that I had painted, an old German shepherd that he had adopted in order to save him from being killed. I offered this piece to the Dalai Lama as a gift.


This "meditating" dog is my pug, Chai Tandoori. Pugs come from Tibet and Japan originally, and they were monastery dogs in the 11th Century in Tibet. I have a special thing for pugs. Perhaps I was a pug in Tibet in my past lives! lol I know that Chai wants to have a brother... maybe in a few years I will get him a nice Tibetan apso named "Maccha" (green tea). Chai, would you like that?

この「瞑想する」ワン子は、私のパグのチャイ・タンドリです。パグはもともとチベットと日本の犬です。11世紀のチベットでは、パグは主にお寺で飼われていました。私はパグに特別の思い入れがあるようです。きっと前世でパグだったのでしょう。笑 チャイはどうやら弟がほしいようです。そうね、あと2、3年したら、可愛いチベタンアプソでも飼ってあげようかな。名前は「まっちゃ(抹茶)」にしようか。どう思う、チャイ?

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