Saturday, July 2, 2011

Lily of the Valley すずらん

Ever since I moved to SoCal I'd been looking for the lily of the valley, but I just could not find it here. Only once I saw a tiny bunch at the Whole Foods, and it was $30 dollars! "Why it is so expensive?" I asked. Apparently, lily of the valley does not grow well in SoCal, and they have to be shipped from the east coast. In other words, it is a high maintenance flower.


However, to me, lily of the valley is a symbol of spring, and not having the four seasons here in SoCal I was desperate to have this lovely flower. So I ordered from an east coast farm. The pips arrived in a box, covered with shredded paper. It was moist and nice! They are growing fine so far (photo above) in my garden!


Soon my garden will be filled with its beautiful fragrance... :) Lily of the valley is my favorite fragrance in the world, and when I was in South France I bought so many "muguet" perfumes there.


Many companies make lily of the valley perfumes, but my favorite is Penhaligon's. The fragrance is so elegant and sophisticated.


The other day I went to have lunch at a local cafe, and the owner lady who was serving me had a beautiful fragrance on her. "That must be lily of the valley!" I said, and she smiled. When I complimented her fragrance she brought me this bottle (photo above) to show me. "You can keep it," she told me. I declined, but she insisted that I would take it. How kind was that?

This is my favorite soap of lily of the valley. Roger and Gallet - it's a classic. It comes in a round box, and it smells heavenly...! Lilly of the valley certainly brings me a fresh air in SoCal!


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