Sunday, March 6, 2011

2138 Losar ロサール 2138年

Losar, the Tibetan New Year is here again, and it is the Iron Rabbit year. I went to the Tibetan Monastery, Drikung Kyobpa Choling, in Escandido to celebrate it. My friends, Christina, Andy and their daughters came along with me to this wonderful Losar puja. It was an extra gorgeous sunny day, and I really felt as if we were up in the Himalayan mountains!


There were about a hundred people there among ten Tibetans. The lamas at this monastery are from Ladakh. Having been to Ladakah myself, I greeted to them saying, "julee, julee!" (hello in Ladakhi). My trip to Ladakh was the most special one in my life, and I am extremely fond of Ladaki people. Ina, Christina and Andy's younger daughter was offered "tsampa," a barley flower offering. You are supposed to take a little with your fingers and throw it up in the air as an offering. Instead, cute Ina ate it. :) Her dad, Andy photographed it really well!


The puja was beautiful. The monks and nuns recited prayers and played the horns and drums. The purifying incense was burning and it smelled so good. I had never seen a nun perform this puja, but since this is such a small monastery perhaps the nuns were allowed to participate...!?
I prayed, too... in my heart I prayed for Free Tibet.


Andy took this photo of my Tibetan friends in their traditional dress called, Chuba, and Christina, their daughters and me. There are less than 10 Tibetans here in San Diego. Back in New York I had several hundred Tibetan friends. Every Losar was a huge party with a huge group of Tibetans. Now, it is much more intimate. It is a small group, and it feels like a family here... oh, and the Ladakhi lamas! Who would I have imagined that I'd meet the lamas from Ladakh in SoCal!!!


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