Saturday, March 19, 2011

Sneak preview 予告

After being a wreck (emotional exhaustion, no appetite, fatigue and over crying) for a week since the tragedy in Japan I am finally putting myself together. Being depressed won't help my country - that I always knew, but I could not help myself collapse. It is a process, I think.

When I experienced the horror on 9/11 I witnessed two types of people's reactions and behaviors. Some people expressed their fear and sorrow freely, and allowed themselves to be a wreck. Some acted perfectly strong and charged as if they were not affected at all. I was in the first category - I got emotionally and physically sick out of fear, sorrow and pain, and I could not help it. However, the latter category people - the strong ones - all became either emotionally depressed or physically ill later on. So, it is a process. Sooner or later we all have to face our fear and deal with our emotions.

Yesterday was the first day that I felt normal since the Japan's disaster. Finally I was able to tell myself, "Rima, you must do something and help your country. You must do much more than just donating money!" Then, suddenly I hit my left foot by accident, and I broke my pinky toe. So now I cannot walk. Oh, my god.

As I was putting ice on my toe I was offered to do a cover for the Kee Magazine that is a high-end luxurious magazine in HK. They are creating a special Japan issue to honor Japan's creativity, and are donating 50 % of their profit to the relief funds. I was dying to contribute to Japan through my art, so of course I said, "Yes."

I drew a young woman who is expressing her confidence, hope and peace towards Japan. Also I put a Japanese crane, a symbol of peace and life flying over the rising sun. I cried as I did this piece, but I was not sad anymore. I cried because I felt a tremendous hope from this woman I had drawn.




そると、氷で冷やしている最中に、雑誌のカバーを描いてくれませんか?という依頼が飛び込んで来ました。香港にあるハイエンドな豪華マガジン「Kee Magazine」のアメリカ人編集長から電話が入ったのです。日本に捧げる特別号を作っているとのこと。売り上げの半分を援助に寄付するそうです。自分の絵を使って何か国のためにしたいと強く思っていた時。「もちろん喜んで!」と答えました。


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