Thursday, March 24, 2011

Historical moment for Tibet チベットの歴史的瞬間

As of the end of March this year His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama stepped down from the politics. He resigned as a political leader of the Tibetan government of exile. This is a huge change in Tibet's history since the dalai lamas had been ruling the government for many centuries, and I must say that this is a historical moment. Since the 60's the Dalai Lama has been saying to the Tibetans, "Our political leader should be chosen by people," and he recently said, "The political rule by the spiritual leaders and rajas are now outdated." He officially stepped down despite many opposition. When I heard the news I cried. Tears rolled down as I felt happy for him - he's worked so hard. He is truly a very smart man. He knows that the world is changing, and that the young Tibetans want a political leader who is not a monk.


I wonder if the Dalai Lama will be meeting the world political leaders less frequently from now on...?  今後、ダライラマ法王が世界の政治リーダーたちと会見することは減って行くのでしょうか、、?

The Tibetans, the young and old, all love and respect the Dalai Lama. However, many young Tibetans seek "independence" of Tibet that contradicts the Dalai Lama's middle way policy. They feel that they have to be more responsible about Tibet's future and get more involved with their politics. On March 20 the election for the next Kalon Tripa (prime minister of the Tibetan government in exile) took place world wide. So many Tibetans went to vote including many elderly Tibetans of age 90! The photo below is the three leading candidates for the next prime minister. From left, Tashi Wangdi, Tenzin Tethong and Lobsang Sangay. I personally know them all, and they are all very smart, talented and great candidates. At the end of April this year the government will announce the newly elected prime minister. Until then, we just have to wait as we hope for the stronger Tibet's future!


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