Friday, January 28, 2011

Beautiful things

I was so tempted to pick this fury flower on the street to put it on my hair, but, no, I did not! I have no idea why this flower wants to look this way, but never mind... it is so pretty. Now this flower is everywhere around my house, and they are certainly making my daily walk more joyful.


India meets France? Ghee is an Indian butter, but this lovely package has a French flair! It is just great to look at it. Now ghee is available anywhere... how convenient! I remember that I had to go to an Indian market in Queens (NY) for it. The gastronomic world is changing, too.


Then, this beauty. I fell in love with its shape and the design! It is so elegant and sexy. It is a bottle of Rose, made by Francis Coppola. That is why it is called "Sofia," his daughter's name. That is so charming, too. I don't drink, but I would buy this just to look at it!


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