Sunday, January 30, 2011

Chai's B'day Beach Party

Our pug, Chai turned 2 years old. When he came to us about 2 years ago he was so tiny that he could fit in my boot. Now this naughty little doggy weighs 21 pounds! So we gave him a birthday party on the Coronado Beach (well, the party was more for my husband to be exact! lol)


The Coronado Beach is beautiful, and it's known for the fancy famous Hotel Coronado, but we often see the navy ships and the air force planes around there, and it makes me feel very strange. We watched some navy people coming down on the rope from the giant helicopter and jumped into the ocean. I wonder what they were doing over there...


Chai kept himself busy making sure that everyone was having a good time. There were so many dog guests, human guests, dog treats, pizzas from the Bronx Pizza, brownies, cupcakes, Austrian sweets and more and more! Oh, and some Tibetan patties that I had made. I was going to make momos (Tibetan dumplings) the night before, but when I started to make the dough I realized that it would take 5 hours to make 70 momos. So I decided to cheat a little, and made some patties instead. It still took me 4 hours to make only 12 patties! I will never do this again...


It was around 70F, and was a bit chilly on the beach, but it was perfect. We talked about the snow storms on the east coast, but it rather sounded surreal to us... (Sorry, my New Yorker friends!)


I hope that Chai understood that it was a special party for him..., but more than anything, I hope that Chai is happy with us. We do our best to give you a good home, Chai...!


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