Saturday, January 22, 2011

Go Karts Tour ゴーカートのツアー

I know, I know... it is so touristy! However, since we are still new in San Diego we had to do it. This is a computer-guided tour in a Go Kart. It is so small, but there is enough leg room and a big trunk in the back. It was my husband's idea, of course, to do this trip. To me it seemed like a Western version of tik-tak taxi that you had to inhale so much bad air..., but I wanted to try!


It was certainly fun... for the first 10 minutes. Then, to me it became a torture. It is extremely noisy, the seat hurt my butt, my back was killing me, and the bad air was giving me a sore throat. I wore the mask that I had brought, but the fume was still terrible! When we hit the bumpy roads it shook up the entire car! It was so uncomfortable and scary. It was definitely an experience..., but once was enough.


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