Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Highway 1 Journey ~ Carmel-by-the Sea ~

After spending 5 days in San Francisco we drove down to Carmel-by-the Sea. This lovely town is known for the old money riches, gorgeous mansions and Clint Eastwood as a former mayor. We stayed at the Pine Inn, an charming hotel that was built in 1887. I was told that John Steinbeck met his third wife at this cozy place. The lobby was red, red and red! It almost reminded me of a Parisian brothel in the 1930's... how amusing. Our room was tiny and old, but there was free WiFi! Thank God.


Carmel is a lovely town indeed, but for me that was about it. We walked around and enjoyed looking at every shop window display. They were just so exquisite!


The colorful sweets look so scrumptious!

After one day in Carmel I was ready to move on to the next, but we already had booked the hotel for another night. So we decided to visit Monterey the next day to visit the famous aquarium. As I was wondering about the marine life of the aquarium I encountered this fantastic window display at a coffee shop. It was such a small display in the window that no one would notice, but as you can see there was a whole another beautiful world of the sea!


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