Monday, January 3, 2011

Highway 1 Journey ~ San Francisco 2 ~

The second day in San Francisco began with a good lunch at Cafe de La Presse, a very lovely French cafe right next to the China Town gate. My husband had this banana pancake. I am certain that if this was in France they would display the banana more elegantly... perhaps they would make a 'flower' of banana on the top of the pancake or something!


My dish was this smoked salmon on toasted bagel. It is one of my favorite lunch menus. However, isn't this a Jewish dish? I am not certain that cafes in France would have bagels on their menu... (I must ask my friends in France!) A few cornichons would have been perfect, but hey, this is not France after all...


At the bar there were tasty croissants, pains aux chocolats and all those goodies! Yumm....


After the lunch we headed towards the Museum of Asian Art. Their collection was overwhelming.
They had many amazing Buddhist statues from all over Asia including my favorites, the Gandahra/Kushan period and the Tibetan artifacts. Then, guess who else was there... yes, my pug was at the museum! (See the photo above.)


This dog-shaped water container piece was the talk of the day. Is this an erotic piece or is this a dog carrying a baby dog on his back? It could be seen in either way, and the artist probably played with that. It's good to know that the artists have always enjoyed expressing their humor throughout the times! (To be continued...)


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