Friday, January 14, 2011

Highway 1 Journey ~ The Getty Villa ~ ゲティヴィラ

Paul Getty. The oil tycoon. He had a "thing" for the Greek and Roman antiquities. So he began collecting them, but his mansion got crowded with them, then he decided to build a museum for them. It was established in 1954 and reopened in 2006. I was impressed by the fact that the admission was free. I heard that it was on his will - he wanted to share the beauty with the public.
The highlight of the museum was the Hercules, of course. Among 44,000 antiquities that he had collected this piece was Paul Getty's favorite, they said.


For some reasons they painted the eyes of those bronze sculptures. They look rather funny and whimsical! どういうわけか、ブロンズ彫刻の顔の目だけ塗られていました。なんだか可笑しいですよねえ、、?

I don't know why, but the museums always make me tired and hungry. It is a good feeling of fatigue though. We had a fabulous panini at the museum cafe overlooking at the Roman Theater. After visiting the Hearst Castle, this museum seemed rather small, but when you think about having the Villa dei Papiri being rebuilt by one man's dream it is quite something!


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