Saturday, July 23, 2011

Cathedral Rock, a vortex in Sedona セドナのヴォルテックス

I woke up this morning feeling so well rested, and we headed to the Cathedral Rock that is another vortex here in Sedona. It was hot (around 100F), but dry, so I was all right. However, we realized right away that the hike up to the top would be a hard one.

昨夜は良く眠れたので、今朝の体調はばっちり。私たちはセドナのヴォルテックスのCathedral Rockヘと向かいました。滅茶苦茶暑かったのですがドライなので大丈夫でした。でも、頂上まで登るのはそう容易でないことにすぐ気付きました。

When I reached 1/3 of the whole climbing I almost gave up. It was a hard hike, and it was hot. Yet we kept meeting people coming down from the top who told us, "It's worth it. You should go!" So I kept walking, walking and walking. There were many steep area that you just had to crawl using both hands. I never looked down knowing that it would stop me. We were already way up there!


Right before reaching the top I felt so weak that I could not walk anymore. I sat under a small tree, and said to myself, "I'd better conserve my energy to go down. Maybe I should just stop here..." However, people who were coming down kept telling me, "5 more minutes!" So I went on..., and yes, of course it was worth it! The view was spectacular, and the nice and cool breeze was welcoming me. I felt so close to the rocks in spirit. I felt as if the rocks were watching me withe embrace.


Going down was harder. I basically went down on my butt. Rocks were burning hot, so my hands were hurting from grabbing the rocks to hold my body. On the way down I saw a cloud that looked like the Japanese character 愛 (love), and just could not believe my eyes! I hurried to take a photo of it, but the cloud changed its shape so rapidly. Impermanence... it was a beautiful moment.


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