Sunday, July 17, 2011

Japan's World Cup Victory! 日本の勝利!

Japan vs. USA. That was a tough one for me, but I had to cheer my mother country, Japan. Especially those tiny Japanese women who worked so hard for this game. Normally I don't watch sports, but this game was very important. I was hoping for Japan to win to bring some uplifting spirit to today's Japan. Since the Tsunami Japan has been depressed, and we certainly needed this victory. Anyway, we were invited to a "dosa lunch" by a wonderful Indian family, so we all watched the game together.


I had never had a home-made dosa before, and it was so delicious. I had 3 masala dosas, and I felt so full and sleepy afterwards... however, I had to cheer up the Japanese team "alone".... Yes, indeed, alone! Everyone in the room was cheering the US team, so I kept myself quiet. I recited a mantra in my heart, "ganbare, ganbare" (go for it, go for it)..., and at the very moment that Japan won, there was a total silence... so, not knowing much about the soccer rule I was confused. I did not know what just had happened. "Did Japan win?" I looked around the room, and saw a bunch of disappointed faces. "I guess Japan won," I was so happy! (Sorry, my American friends!)


What a great day it was. Wonderful friends, delicious Indian lunch and Japan's victory. Japan needed this kind of cheer. It will lift up the nation's spirit.... certainly for a while.


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