Monday, July 11, 2011

The summer fun in SoCal 南カリフォルニア夏の楽しみ

SoCal is a mecca for surfing. We see surfers, surf boards and surf shops everywhere.


When I first saw this road sign I thought it was a joke..., but it is not!


So... I finally bought my first wet suit for surfing! Just kidding. I bought it so that I would be cold in the ocean - since the water is always cold I need the wet suit to be able to swim in the sea.


The variety and the selection of the beach sandals here in SoCal are unbelievable! There are hundreds of them, all lined up! Too bad that I don't wear beach sandals. (I just don't like them) Perhaps I should...!

南カリフォルニアのビーチサンダルのバラエティとセレクションは見事です!何百という数が販売されています。私はビーチサンダルを履かないので残念、 (好きじゃないんです)でも履いてみようかな、、!

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