Wednesday, July 20, 2011

SoCal beatiful 南カリフォルニアビューティフル

I checked out Solana Beach the other day. It's a small and lovely beach town. There was a main strip with the beautiful shops and cafes. We strolled down after having a vegetarian lunch at the Zinc Cafe, and found this store filled with beautiful things! I could have spent hours there... the beach here was ok, so I don't have any photos.


Then we went to Laguna Beach. It was a cute beach town, not so small, not too big. There were lots of people, and shops and restaurants were everywhere. The beach was spectacular! It was unbelievably gorgeous. It reminded me of Hawaii a bit - there was something for everybody- the surfing beach, family swimming beach, quiet bay... There are so many great beaches here in SoCal, and we will keep checking them out!


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