Friday, July 22, 2011

Magical Sedona セドナの魔法

My mouth has been widely open since we arrived in Sedona. The landscape is beyond my imagination - it's spectacular! It's fascinating... because I've been to the Grand Canyon, Bryce and many more spectacular places, but there is something very "intimate" about Sedona. Now, please don't think that it's small here. Sedona is vast, big and magnificent, but there is something very personal and warm... I cannot explain it. It's a feeling of engagement and connection. Perhaps that is why it's known as a very spiritual place besides the fact that there are several vortex here. Now, the photo above is the spot where I "broke down" with tears. I will write about this amazing experience in depth later, but it was totally unexpected, and I was so surprised. In short, my heart was opening up somehow to heal, and I was told that it happens very often in Sedona...!


At this certain spot where you are surrounded by all the vortex in circle I offered some sage and rose petals to the mountains. The sage and rose petals were given to me by our amazing guide, Linda whom we believe to be a true healer.


So many people had told me that Sedona was so magical, but to be honest I was a little skeptical.
However, now I know why this magnificent place has been loved and worshipped by so many. There is definitely energy here, and there is no doubt about it. It's our first day in Sedona, and what a beginning of a wonderful journey.


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