Tuesday, May 3, 2011

50th Kee Magazine Special Japan Issue Kee誌特別ジャパン号

So it finally arrived. The Kee Magazine's 50th special Japan issue that I had done the cover for. Kee Magazine is one of the most high-end luxurious magazines in HK, and the editor-in-chief is a Scottish woman who is so powerful and creative. This special issue is a dedication for Japan and its Tsunami victims, and it features the Japanese top creators and celebrities such as Kenzo (fashion designer), Hidetoshi Nakata (soccer player), Ryuichi Sakamoto (composer) and more... oh, and me! :) The issue is beautiful with a hard cover, and colorful pages. The quality is exquisite. I love this piece that I've done for the cover - "Hope for Japan" - I really put my love for my country into it.


I was honored when the editor-in-chief, Ann, of the Kee Magazine had asked me to write a foreword...

The day before this magazine arrived I had had a nightmare dream: I was about to be taken by a giant tsunami, and it was horrifying. I woke up crying in fear. Then I could only imagine what the tsunami victims had gone through. I cannot find the words to describe how scary it was. It was beyond words. As my heart is still bleeding in pain a healing episode arrived from Tokyo.


On April 29 the Dalai Lama offered a special 49th-day-prayer for the tsunami victims at Gokokuji Temple in Tokyo. A friend of mine who is a monk at Gokokuji told me that after a long prayer the Dalai Lama gave a heart warming speech in tears. It was a sunny day, but suddenly it began raining as his tears rolled down. After his speech when he was leaving the temple the sun came back shining again. This reminded me of the rainy day in New York when I was waiting for his teaching to begin. As soon as he arrived the sun appeared. I have heard many stories like this about the Dalai Lama. Coincidence? Maybe so. Yet, they are wonderful episodes that light up people's heart. It certainly soothed my heart aching. I shall turn this pain into my energy to take action to help my country.



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