Friday, May 6, 2011

Hotel Beverly Hilton ビバリーヒルトンホテル

The day before my exhibition opening in Beverly Hills I checked in at the Beverly Hilton. Actually I rather wanted to stay at the Wilshire/Four Seasons (where the movie, "Pretty Woman" was shot), but the Beverly Hilton was so convenient that I would be able to walk to the gallery in 7 minuets. So without knowing very much about this hotel I just booked it. The flower arrangement at the lobby was really lovely.


At the check in I noticed that the hotel had a retro ambiance. Something old and nice. No wonder - this historical hotel was built by Conrad Hilton in 1955, and was owned by a popular actor Marv Griffin for some years. Many glamorous parties were held here including the Academy Awards. J.F.Kennedy and Bill Clinton used to stay here, too. The hotel certainly has the retro feeling everywhere.


During my stay at this hotel there were at least three fancy parties going on at the Ballroom. Everyone was dressed in black ties and satin cocktail dresses. However, what I enjoyed the most about this hotel was in the hallways. There were numerous black & white photographs of the movie stars on the wall on each floor. I was told that they were real prints and done by famous photographers. I found this rare photo of my favorite actress, Audrey Hepburn!


We had breakfasts by the pool every morning. It was quiet and peaceful, and I truly enjoyed this retro feeling about this hotel.


Then, I discovered that this peaceful pool can turn into a spectacular cinema theater! What a transformation. The Beverly Hilton is still glamorous after all...!


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