Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Opening Night Highlight オープニングの夜ハイライト

The opening of my exhibition "Save the Himalaya" was so much fun! So many people came, and the gallery was full from 6pm to 9pm continuously. Not knowing many people in LA area I was so happy to see this great turn out. Around 7:30pm I made a short speech thanking everyone to attend, and introducing my special guest speakers. Also I explained about Books for Children, my organization that I had established over 10 years ago. All proceed from the art sales will go helping the Tibetan refugee children's education on the Himalayan environment.


My darling husband has been so supportive with my work! He understands the importance of children's education and my passion for Tibet.


One of my special guest speakers, Tendor, the executive director of SFT and I both offered Khata (Tibetan white scarf) to each other at the same time. What a funny moment that was!


Legsang Nuba played the damyen (Tibetan traditional instrument) and sang some songs. He was really wonderful! His friend held the music for him since we did not have the music stand.


My other special guest was Dr. Commins, a professor from UCLA specialized in urban planning. He worked in Bangladesh for some years, and he always felt a deep connection with Rabindaneth Tagore's work. He read one of his beautiful poems that relates the environmental destruction.

もうひとりのスペシャルゲストは、カリフォルニア大学教授のカミング博士でした。アーバンプラニングのエキスパートである 彼は、バングラディッシュで数年仕事をしたそうです。タゴールギャラリーのオーナー、スンダラムの先祖でもあるノーベル賞受賞者ラビンンダナスタゴールの 有名な詩を朗読して下さいました。環境破壊がテーマの詩でしたが、タゴールの詩は美しい。

Mr. Lobsang Nyandak, the representative of His Holiness the Dalai Lama was my guest of honor. He flew in to speak at my event from New York, and he gave a very generous speech about my work and the urgency of the Himalayan environmental crisis.


I was touched that many people had driven from San Diego to attend my opening because the traffic is awful on Friday night. Some even drove back after the opening. That is lots of driving...
However, according to the Californians this is absolutely normal!


There were so many people whom I could not talk to... although I tried to meet as many as possible. There were just so many people, and I wish I had more time to meet everyone!


It was such fun opening, indeed! Yet, there were so much preparation, and everyone at the gallery worked so hard. Joe and Brad, the art consultants, Andrew and two lovely interns, Jessica and Erika helped me a lot at the opening. I thank everyone for this wonderful night!


The exhibition, Save the Himalaya" at Sundaram Tagore Gallery in Beverly Hills is up until May 22.  個展はビバリーヒルズのスンダラムタゴールギャラリーにて5月22日までです。

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