Friday, May 13, 2011

Jacaranda Heaven ジャカレンダ天国

My house is surrounded by these purple flower trees right now, and it is gorgeous! Those flowers are called jacaranda, and I wrote about this flower in my blog last year. The first time I ever saw this flower was back in India many years ago. I was so taken by its beauty, but never really saw it again anywhere else. Then when I moved to SoCal last year... I was surrounded by jacaranda!


Each flower looks like this, and it is absolutely lovely. Yet, it has no smell.


My pug, Chai was enjoying a moment with all those jacaranda flowers on the grass...


And he decided to take a break on the bed of jacaranda!


The 5th Avenue where I live and the 4th Avenue have turned into the beautiful jacaranda promenades. They are breathtakingly gorgeous, and I enjoy my walk there every day... thinking about the tall jacarandas in India...


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