Saturday, May 21, 2011

New York ~ Jackson Diner, Queens NYジャクソンダイナー

I could not wait to go to Jackson Diner in Queens to have my favorite Indian lunch. This restaurant may not be the best Indian food, but I just love the whole package - it's in Jackson Heights that I enjoy a lot and all waiters know me very well there. My best friend Liz and I usually have lunch here, and then check out all those little shops on the street. The lunch was great - the tandoori chicken, chick pea pakora, mint naan, masala dosa, mango lassi... it was perfect.


Then, at the end we always order the masala chai. The waiter always reminds me, "It will take a while, OK?" They cook the milk tea into boil to bring out the flavor. "Of course!" I say. It is worth waiting because it is so good. I will come back here again soon :)


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