Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Are Sedona's vortexes real? セドナのヴォルテックスは本当?

Sedona is known for several power spots called vortexes. So many visit Sedona every year for its beauty and vortexes. So who "discovered" the vortexes anyway? That was my questions while visiting Sedona. On our first day we met our "spiritual tour guide" Linda. She was full of warmth and very loving, and she had an incredibly soothing energy around her. She told us about vortexes: some rocks have feminine energy, some masculine. Some have both... and because of those energies some people feel the sense of enlightenment, confusion, bliss, anger, sadness, joy and happiness... all kinds of emotions would come out. Vortexes stir up your deep place in heart.

On our third day we went on a jeep tour with a cynical and dry-humored guide who has lived in Sedona over 30 years. He told me that all the vortex stuff was a bull shit, and it was all made up by this crazy overweight woman who drove a red Cadillac in the 80's. He said that she had no friends, and due to her weight she only traveled a few blocks from her house, and all the vortexes were named after those few street names.

It was certainly interesting to hear both sides of the story on vortex. Whether vortex exists or not, nobody can deny the fact that Sedona is stunning and gorgeous, and one definitely feel something beautiful there. I personally had a very powerful experience in Sedona. I will write about it sometimes soon :)




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