Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Stagecoach ジョン・ウエインの駅馬車

This famous film, Stagecoach (directed by John Ford in 1939) made John Wayne famous. It was shot at the Monument Valley, however, I heard that most people had thought that it was a back drop. No one believed that those rocks were real! We stayed in the lodge where the film was actually filmed, and they had a small museum at the lodge exhibiting the sketches and notes of John Ford and John Wayne.


As a child I watched many John Ford~John Wayne movies, and they always made me think that the Native Indians were the bad guys. It's amazing how films can brainwash you... At the Monument Valley I met some Navajo people, and I must say that their lives were not easy, and it made me feel very sad to see them in that condition in their own land.


Doesn't this photo look like a commercial ad? It is too perfect. Perhaps you cannot see it, but there is a Navajo man on a horse at the edge of the rock. He was totally cool, and it was like a real movie set.

この写真、まるで広告のようでしょう?完璧ですよネ。もしかしたら皆さんには見えにくいかもしれませんが、岩の端に馬に乗ったナヴァホの男性が立っているんです。格好よかった〜 それこそまるで映画の舞台のようでした。

And this gorgeous photo of a sunrise... another perfect shot. Anyone can be a good photographer here. You cannot go wrong. It is just too beautiful and spectacular. I used to enjoy the Western movies when I was a child, but now it is impossible. I know too well about what had happened to the Native Indians, and you just cannot ignore it. John Wayne was portrayed as a hero back then, but obviously no one would think so today.

そしてこのゴージャスなサンライズ。もうひとつのパーフェクトショット。ここでは誰もが素晴らしい写真家になれます。笑 間違いなど起こりません。どこを見ても美しくてスペクタキュラー。でも子供の頃楽しんだ西部劇も、もう楽しめません。この大地で何が起きたか知ってしまうと、もう事実を無視できなくなります。当時はジョンウエインはヒーローだった、、、でも、今日そう思う人は誰もいないことでしょう。

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