Friday, August 26, 2011

Miracle in Sedona セドナの奇跡

I promised my blog readers earlier to share my fascinating experience in Sedona. It was so powerful that I needed some time to process it. So this is what happened: One day my husband and I went on a "spiritual tour" with this wonderful guide, Linda. We hired her because I wanted to learn about the vortexes, and she was an expert.

Linda was a woman of an amazing positive, soothing and warm energy, and we liked her right away. While driving to the vortexes she told us that she had already felt our energies and seen our aura colors in her visions on the way to the hotel to pick us up. I was being skeptical, but her description of my husband was pretty accurate, and he was very much impressed by her ability. However, I was not looking for a psychic or someone who would tell me about my future. I was just really interested in learning about the vortexes.

Linda took us to a few vortexes. At each vortex spot she made us pick a rock, sit on it and meditate. At the second vortex, a vortex called, Katchina Woman, three of us were sitting on a stone bench together, and meditating. It was quiet, peaceful and I was not feeling any particular emotions or thoughts at all. It was just lovely. My left arm and left leg began tingling. (Left is feminine energy.)

All of a sudden, Linda got up, stood behind me and put her left hand on by back (around the fourth chakra), and start singing. Needless to say that I was surprised! Feeling a bit awkward, and didn't quite know what to do, so I did not move. The next thing I knew - tears began to roll down. One drop, two drops, three, four... then, I was crying loud like a baby!

I really didn't know what had happened. I was not sad at all. I still don't know why I started crying. "These things happen here, " Linda said to me with a kind smile. Apparently my heart opened. I'm certain that Linda's warmth triggered it. The funny thing is that I did not go to Sedona looking for such a powerful experience. Yet it happened to me. So what can I say? I must say that Sedona brings miracles to people!





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