Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Lights in Sedona セドナの光

While we were in Sedona someone told us that a classic James Stewart movie, "Broken Arrow" (1950) had been filmed there. So we watched it, and enjoyed the familiar beautiful rocks in the movie. There was a scene where a Native American used a signal mirror around his neck. The light traveled a far, and it was such a beautiful scene. Ever since my trip to Sedona and Monument Valley I've been drawn to the Native Americans, and I recently found the fact that the Native Americans had come from Tibet many, many, many years ago. As a Tibet lover no wonder I am so drawn to them!


One day in Sedona something shining caught my eyes. I looked around carefully, and found this light - it was a solar panel at the entrance of a hiking trail. The panel was generating its information booth. How cool was that! Using the Sun power... like the Native Americans.


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