Sunday, August 21, 2011

Tibetan Baby Shower チベット風ベイビーシャワー

Throughout my entire life I'd never been to a baby shower before, and I was finally invited to one yesterday... by a Tibetan friend. My husband who was also invited said, "No way!," thinking that it would be only women gathering eating cakes and gossiping. "It will be different, honey. It's a Tibetan style," I told him. So we went to the beautiful Coronado Park right by the water where the shower was held.


There was a table for gifts, and there were pretty gift bags lined up. Since I had no ideas about the baby stuff I brought a gift certificate for the expected Tibetan mom, so that she can buy anything she wants.


There were about 15 of us - all Tibetan except my husband and me. Tibetan men played soccer on the grass, and the women sat around and joked. There were so much yummy food on the table! I was craving for Tibetan food - sha palee (photo: beef patty), vegetable momo (dumplings), radish salad, shokokattsa (sauteed spicy potatoes) and more and more...!


After stuffing ourselves a huge cake was waiting for us. The expected mom said that she had baked it - this cake made with taro potatoes. I was so impressed, and told her that she was an all-mighty woman. She smiled and said, "Rima la, I am joking!" Tibetans always joke. It is a part of their characters, and they never forget a sense of humor.


So we spent the entire afternoon eating, sipping chai, laying around on the grass and laughing. Having to attend my first baby shower I became very curious about this tradition. Apparently some countries have baby showers - India, China, Germany, Brazil, England... Originally it was a women's gathering to give wisdom and advice to the expected mother. In America it's become more of a gift giving event (yeah, right, a typical materialistic American custom!) In Germany men get together and drink beer (typical, too!) "Shower" means to shower the new mom with gifts. And for the German fathers you shower them with beer! lol

It was a lovely baby shower, indeed, and I'm happy that my first baby shower experience was with my wonderful Tibetan friends :)




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