Sunday, August 28, 2011

Shangri-La is disappearing 消えて行くシャングリラ

When I saw this photo that someone had posted in facebook I couldn't believe that it was a real photo. It is just too beautiful. However, this is how Tibet has been and still is... well, not any longer.


For centuries the Tibetans have lived harmoniously with nature. They've honored the nature because without it they wouldn't be able to survive.


However, this beautifully balanced-life in Tibet is disappearing. The nomads are forced into the modern life style, the vast land has been destroyed for minerals, and too many trees have been cut off. Global warming is melting the glaciers that's creating floods, and deforestation is also the cause of the endless mudslides. This monk was recently arrested by the Chinese government for no reasons, and no one knows where he is.


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