Saturday, August 13, 2011

Guide horses 可愛い盲導馬

I only heard about the guide horses a few days ago, and could not believe my eyes! Apparently this is not too uncommon. However, I have never seen one myself. Those adorable miniature horses are used as guides for the blind. Horses are good for those who are allergic to dogs, and they tend to live much longer than dogs, the experts say.


Wow, they can even go on the plane with you! Can you imagine having this lovely horse right next to you at the bunker seat?


Those miniature horses are just too cute...! それにしてもこのミニアチュア馬の可愛いこと!

Look at this one with the sneakers on his feet! As a dog lover who has a dog I'm glad that I'm not allergic to dogs. When I had an allergy test done a few years ago I found out that I was allergic to horses. So if I ever see this adorable miniature horse on a street I will have to refrain myself getting excited and pet him...! Who knows, perhaps the guide horse will take me to a hospital then!


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