Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Recent memorable dishes 最近美味しかったお料理

I live to eat. I love food and eat well. I am a fussy eater... or at least I care about what I eat. This dish was so tasty at the Arizona Biltimore Hotel in Phoenix. Yes, it is a Caesar salad, and not with the classic romaine lettuce..., but with celery! Different and good.


This flaxseed and pumpkin seed raw crackers were addictive, and we ended up going to Choco Tree every day while we were in Sedona. We even bought a lot to take them to the hike with us.


One of my favorite cafes in Hillcrest, San Diego is Chocolat. Their main restaurant is in Milan, and they serve wonderful Italian dishes. (Oh, for some reasons they serve French crepes, but who cares!) This is the sheep milk mozzarella cheese, and it melts in your mouth... awww...


Then this one. Yes, it's tiramisu. I don't really like tiramisu, but this one at Cuccina Urbana, one of the top Italian restaurants in San Diego came in a lovely chilled glass jar, and it was just fine. The chocolate cookies were perfectly bitter to accompany the sweet tiramisu. There are many other noteworthy dishes... to be continued!


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