Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Art of "Merde" チャイのウンチアート

My pug, Chai has many talents. Let's see... He's good at barking when the door bell rings, finding crap to eat on the streets, sleeping all day, stealing my food and many more! (hahaha~) However, one of his outstanding talents is this: he can poop high. When he does the number two, he stands on his front legs as if he does a head-stand, sticks his butt high against a tree, wall, etc. and then does his business. Sometimes his poop stays up there, sometimes not. This habit began about a year ago, and since many people thought it's "far-out!" I've started to photograph them, and now I have so many photos of his "art of merde." (See the big piece in the middle of the green trees... and a little piece on the bottom.)


This one was really high. Can you see the piece on the tree, and again, a little piece on the bottom.


This one was on a fence. He managed to leave a piece up there and another piece on the bottom!


This one is not on a high place, but I had to show it to you. I call it, "A Bird's Nest." He managed to put two pieces together next to each other surrounded by lovely yellow dandelions! You may be wondering if I replace them. No way! That would be cheating, and I wouldn't wast my time doing such a thing. Obviously, Chai has this special talent. As an artist myself I will encourage and support his gifted talent... for what? To bring more joy to the world, of course!


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