Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Chai's new fase チャイの新しいフェーズ?

Chai, my 2-yr-old pug is gay. However, he's been a bit more open to other possibilities lately. He's been very friendly with little girls in our neighbourhood and... well, a kitty.


He loves this light brown cat who lives near our house. We see her mostly everyday, and it seems that the cat is enjoying for Chai's visit. Chai always looks for her near her house, and when he finds her he goes up to her and kisses her! They are so cute together. They sniff each other and play with each other. Today, Chai met another kitty, a black cat, and when he came up to her the cat scratched his face, and made Chai bleed. Listen carefully, Chai. Most cats unfortunately would not like you...!


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