Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ethiopian cuisine エチオピア料理

In Hillcrest where we live there are all sorts of restaurants including an Ethiopian cuisine. The first time I ever tasted the Ethiopian food was a few years ago in SoHo, New York. My husband one day said to me, "Let's go have some spongy bread." The sound of "spongy bread" intrigued me so much that I agreed to go... however, I did not have any expectations from the Ethiopian food. Then I was wrong. It was surprisingly delicious! I loved the "spongy bread," called "Injera." It has a sour taste because the bread dough is fermented.

So we went to our local one. I loved the extra large plate, too. On a large injera there was stew, chickpeas, vegetables... Everything was so tasty, and eating with my hands was fun, too. I really prayed that people in Ethiopia can eat well, too.



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