Sunday, August 7, 2011

Food in the West 西部での食事

Eating healthy was hard while traveling in the West. Between Flagstaff and the Monument Valley there was hardly anything on the road, so we stopped at a major trading post. The most healthy item on the menu was this BLT, however, the cheese and ham were so processed, and the bacon was too greasy. I felt ill afterwards...


My vegetarian husband had a harder time. This fried bread was the only vegetarian item, but it was deep fried, the cheese was processed and the beans were out of a can. Awful!


After leaving the trading post restaurant still hungry, we found a small grocery store on the way. It was fun to see a local Native American store. The packaging was so lovely to look at...


Among a very few items in the store the horse food seemed to be a very important product.


As we were snacking some raw almonds that I had brought from home those rocks began appearing in front of our eyes! How thrilled we were! My hunger was gone immediately with excitement. I got more excited when I saw this photo I had taken - do you see the black sun? (or an UFO?) Well, I found out that it was just a dirty spot on the lense :)


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